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I have been with this *** company always get rude customer svc, and every time i ask for extension or deferred they refuse to work with there customers i have never missed a payment since i have been with this inconsiderate company and I wish I never would got a loan them. So if they allow anyone to read these comments do yourself a favor and stay from JD Byryder and CNAC they will *** over worst than any of your enemies !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnac Financing Loan.

Reason of review: No compassion for anybody but themselves.

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I purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in 2016 and I went to trade the vehicle a few months ago and was told that the vehicle had a salvaged title and that I couldn't trade it. I ended up taking JD Byrider to court and was given a judgment that they refuse to pay me.

They did agree to take the vehicle back and take it off my credit report. I am searching for anyone that may have paid them by check and has their bank account name and information. I need this in order to get the money they owe me and get another vehicle. I live in Tennessee.

I really appreciate any help anyone can give me with this. Thanks


As of May 5, 2016 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has restored our ability to band together in class actions to seek remedies from harm, when we are wronged by Financial Industries Misconduct.

If you have been a victim of J.D.

BYRIDER'S unethical business practices, I would love to get together with you. I am working on starting a class action suit against them. I am not only looking for those directly involved, but for those who have been indirectly involved. Many have been affected by the abuse that their family members have been going through with this company.

The laws must be changed and it will take those who refuse to allow companies like J.D. BYRIDER to continue hiding behind laws. The consumer is being violated by signing away their rights to court as most can't afford a lawyer. But even if they could, most lawyers tell us, that we signed away our rights to see a Judge.

I purchased a car that the engine light went on that same night and 6 weeks later the transmission slipped 3x. I refused to pay $27,666.00 for a car worth $7,000 and knowing the reputation of the service department. I am 100% medically disabled and only have my caregiver, all I asked for was a safe and reliable car.

Companies like these must be stopped from selling substandard cars and getting away selling them at Inflated Prices.

I have started a Facebook page called "J.D. BYRIDER A+ FOR SELLING SUBSTANDARD CARS AND TRUCKS AT INFLATED PRICES" and also can be reached at

Together we could make a difference. We can only do this if we ban together, please help me make a difference.

to tlmurphy #1461249

I too was wronged by this company and I would like to seek relief as well..

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