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Stay clear of these thieves. First, the contract is written so you have the highest possibility of losing your car back to them.

Any groups that has no grace period as a policy knows that they will be repossessing vehicles regularly. One they get them back, they will garnish wages, even if they resell the vehicle for more than you owe. I was told my vehicle had a clean Carfax. I find out that the Pontiac G6 I bought was in a pretty bad accident that was covered up.

The biggest issue was when my wife came down with breast cancer, and I fell behind on paying due to medical expenses. I voluntarily returned the car, in better shape than when I purchased it. I took the hit on my credit, and was now short a vehicle. I will deal with that later - the health issue was more important.

Now, I get a letter stating that they are garnishing my wages up to $450 a week! My wife's health will now suffer, and we will most likely lose most everything we have. But JD Byrider, CNAC, Grace Finance Inc,, Jeffrey M Schneck of Phoenix (registered agent), Archie H. Wright of Scottsdale (Secretary), and Robert J Hirst of Gilbert (President and Director) will get their couple thousand dollars.

In a day where people have trouble making ends meet, the bottom feeders like these guys should be avoided at all cost. I don't want to see anyone else go through what I have.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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The only way to stop their bullying is to file bankruptcy.

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