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I really do not understand where everyone's anger is coming from. I have a co signer on my car just in case something happens, I have someone who will be able to assist with my car payments. While at J.D; prior to signing any documents, they let me know that I have the car therefore they want their money. No late payments or anything .. It is really that simple but some of you all act as if you were not there during transaction, as if you are unaware of the legal binding document you signed. If you do not like the terms of your contract then DO NOT SIGN THE DOTTED LINE!! Yes, I am fully aware that LIFE happens but you have to be aware that just because your circumstances change it does not mean your contract does.

Everyone and every company does not have to change agreements just because things happen. Is it insensitive? Yes, absolutely. But this is the world we live in. We must make our payments twice a month, monthly or however you worked it out. If you loose your job and can no longer afford the payments, then you cannot keep driving your car. Yes, you made payments for 2 years but your contract is for 3 and if you loose your job in the in between time I am sorry but they are obligated to take it from you as sucky as it may be.

So, all of you grown ups. Please stop making excuses, be a grown up and understand that this is they way the cookie crumbles.. eat vegetables instead.

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Things do happen! Yes we were there when the contract was signed .

Being one day late and repoing a car is a little extreme! You just said yourself that you have someone to help you. Not everyone does! JD Byrider is a joke and I wish I'd never bought from them.

We all learn expensive lessons. But in seems in times of hardship they would be willing to work with you especially if you have made many timely payments.

Karma is a *** so be careful bashing people who are having trouble paying their car note. Life happens!

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