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I hate my CAR I hate CNAC!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service

Preferred solution: cancel this loan

I have always paid my car note on time May 4 I forgot to make my payment from Friday to Tuesday I received over 30 calls and 2 text messages this is phone harassment at its best ! I personally feel like I'm being taken advantage of because I don't have the best credit!

I still owe over 8,000 on a 2006 that's not even worth the 8,000!

JD BYRIDER IS FULL OF BS my car is junk I have a million and one things wrong with this car and they will not fix anything !! I had my car looked over by a certified tech and was told my car should have never been sold like this but let jd byrider tell it the car was looked over before it was put on the lot BS !! JUST TAKE YOUR CAR BACK AND GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK !! PUT JD BYRIDER OUT OF BUSSINESS !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnac Financing Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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What you have to understand they borrow money to make loans to people that dont pay their bills. Depending what two week cycle they are in 85% of their loan portfolio is delinquent... if your their customer you should expect aggressive collectors


I am having the same issues!! They are HORRIBLE.

I have never missed a payment. I’ve had the car since 2016 and starting this year they call me everyday and even my 3rd parties saying I have no insurance. Even though I’ve sent them multiple copies of insurance. Now today I get a TEXT saying I need to update my employment status and their phone number.

What?! So dumb. I’m so done with them and the total CRAP car I have. Oh yeah, in the first week I had the car it needed a new transmission, fine, it was covered and taken care of, I figured wow that was random and unfortunate.

Then 6 MONTHS later I find out they gave me the wrong title on my car! It turns out the car I have is a year newer than I thought and my actual title some other chick had and it got impounded so I was getting letters about my car is in impound and needed to pay! That’s how I found out I didn’t have the right title. When I called jd byrider they said oh, you’re the other person.

We couldn’t figure out who had the other title.

WHAT?! So sick of them.


I purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in 2016 and I went to trade the vehicle a few months ago and was told that the vehicle had a salvaged title and that I couldn't trade it. I ended up taking JD Byrider to court and was given a judgment that they refuse to pay me.

They did agree to take the vehicle back and take it off my credit report. I am searching for anyone that may have paid them by check and has their bank account name and information. I need this in order to get the money they owe me and get another vehicle. I live in Tennessee.

I really appreciate any help anyone can give me with this. Thanks here

to Anonymous #1539670

How much did they charge you for the car?

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