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couldnt renew my registration, they notified dmv that i didnt have insurance when i did. spent last 6 months without being able to drive my car even though i proved to dmv that my insurance was always current.

cnac asked for proof of insurance every time i made a payment. Hello---its the same info every 6 months. i would not recommend this place to anyone so for those of you in need of a vehicle, there are other places that you can get approved without being ripped off. yeah you might have a higher interest rate but you wont pay at least 5 times what the vehicle is worth.

DO NOT GO TO JD BYRIDER TO GET A VEHICLE NO MATTER HOW DESPERATELY YOU NEED ONE. and by the way, they never follow through with any of the service contracts, they make you wait until you have to pay for the entire repairs yourself so it doesnt cost them anything and they can charge you the labor rates. im still waiting to have mine fixed the right way after all issues were brought up to them.

and you cant even get parts for my vehicle anywhere. go figure

Reason of review: all of the above.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in 2016 and I went to trade the vehicle a few months ago and was told that the vehicle had a salvaged title and that I couldn't trade it. I ended up taking JD Byrider to court and was given a judgment that they refuse to pay me.

They did agree to take the vehicle back and take it off my credit report. I am searching for anyone that may have paid them by check and has their bank account name and information. I need this in order to get the money they owe me and get another vehicle. I live in Tennessee.

I really appreciate any help anyone can give me with this. Thanks


These people definitely need to go out of business for good...selling salt water damaged cars...they don't understand when the old *** car they sell you breaks down you can't pay them or will be late with payment! !!!

Horrible customer service! !!!! This unprofessional thing named Samantha gone ask me do we have anything to pawn instead of repossession fees....i could have flipped on her but didn't!

!!! They are a bunch of scams and yes you buy a car 3x with run far away ..harassing crooks they are!!!

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