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From the beginning they harassed you to death a day late 4days late they have some one knocking on your door they are too extreme to say they are helping you if something is wrong as soon as you are off the lot and tell them oh that's not under contract then I am up side down by at least a 1000$

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnac Financing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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From the beginning??? So what you're telling the world is from the beginning YOU would not pay on time, otherwise why would they be calling you?

A funny thing happens when you pay on time LIKE YOU AGREED TO never hear from their bill collectors. Why not try that rather than continue to be a deadbeat?

Secondly, you are upside down in the car because YOU put too little down and/or YOU stretched out the payments too long. Again, it all points back to YOU and no, I don't work for them.


Complainer was late from the start and blames lender for collection calls.

Complainer approved of terms of the deal which made them upside down.

to Anonymous #1393152

shut up! You don't know crap. They call you three times on the day the payment is due and they send a text.

to cc #1393162

Yes they do on the day it's due!! I agree with u the call text and email before noon and payment is not due till the end of business day...having a lawyer look into these guys as well

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