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We missed one payment as well and the phone calls and harassment started. We gave them a specific date of when we can make the payment, yet they told us it was not enough, told us to send in paperwork, but that was invalid and in the end they still left messages saying our car is in danger and we must make a payment.

The paperwork was to show we had moved and the monies we paid toward the move which caused us to not have much for the car payment. We also asked to make a partial payment so it would not be a full payment behind, but yet it was not in the contract and our account rep made it clear rudely she was not in that department. Not to mention a rep told us they can't take our car after one missed payment and we have made in time payments for over a year. It is not the point the ppl call to collect the money, but the harassment, and stress they bring is too much for ONE missed payment.

They signaled the car causing the alarm to blast in the middle if the day and calls, messages, and emails sent throughout the day as if we do not work for a living. The $5 oil change vouchers are invalid everywhere we check, which is false advertising, but they wanna charge us $27 at the J.

D. Byrider store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnac Financing Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Oh yes, so, so horrible! YOU defaulted on YOUR contract by YOU not making YOUR payment on time.

All the consequences...YOU caused and YOU are to blame.

When you pay your bills on time, an amazing thing happens...you don't hear from bill collectors. No, I don't work for them.

to Anonymous #1368656

You obviously do or your just a *** troll that comments on every post

to Bigdog #1372567

I see you could not offer an intelligent rebuttal! Typical!

to Anonymous #1375472

YOU do work for them! Hahahahaha!!! Why are you anonymous?

to Anonymous #1380055

There is nothing in the contract saying there will b an immediate harassment and threats of repossessing the car after 1 missed payment. They actually told us if we have any problems posting a payment to call and work something out but OH NO!

I'm told it's nothing they could do... WTF... Why do you wanna talk to ppl like they are idiots? Every and any company or contact nowadays have an agreement dealing with hardship, either expressed verbally or written.

Even if the CNAC does not, you think any of us would have chosen therr company if they told us that one missed payment is all it takes for the threats.....

U r working for them because of your tone is that same as theirs any time we talked to them about it....

Okay smart *** Anonymous {{Redacted}}... Who fault is it wen we make early payments and they take it upon themselves to make a partial payment and then harasses us stating we are late on that payment?

to Anonymous #1393449

Not to worry folks. There is a class action lawsuit going against this company.

I am one of the attorneys assigned to the case. I’ve never heard of this company until recently when it got brought to our attention. As one of the attorneys that’s going to be actually in the court room going against these defendants, I decided to do some research and low and behold this popped up on google. It’s obvious that whoever this “anonymous” user is, is obviously an employee of the company.

I will be using all comments from this “anonymous” user in the court room setting during trial. The “anonymous” user does not realize that they can be traced from whatever device they used to post their comments. Also I will be setting up a link so that any customers that have complaints or need their case to be heard can send me an email. I will be holding appointments at my downtown San Antonio location so I can hear your case.

Bring all documents and paperwork you have of the so called “contract” these people made you sign. They can print up whatever documents they need but in the state of Texas there are certain laws that will make their contracts irrelevant. I am here for you all who have been scammed. We will get you your money back by on pointing all the flaws CNAC has on their contracts or by making them file for bankruptcy.

No need to worry folks this nightmare will be over soon and my plan is to get you all of your money back or watch this company go up in flames by having no choice but

To file for bankruptcy.

Thank you all for your time and I guarantee justice will be served.

-Texas law boss.

to Texaslawboss210 #1410136

Anything for someone in WI?

to Texaslawboss210 #1421137

i have several recorded calls to my employer,in all of them i have advised them its company policy we cant have calls to company phones, they have ignored this and recently i was suspended for there continued calls, i need legal help and will be glad to testify, along with my relatives, boss, and friends of there continued harassment, they give out personal info to people they call

to Texaslawboss210 #1421141

please set up link or contact info

to Texaslawboss210 #1470955

Can you please get me more information as to whom to contact about this company as I am a current customer of this company and I am getting harassed. My email is listed here so if you can send me the info on whom to talk to that would be great... Thank You mbet110@outlook.com

to Anonymous #1410267

Yes you actually do. And I have emailed the admin of this site.

I'm trying to convince them to get your info (yes ppl can do that. It's 2017. It takes less time for them to find out who u r and where u r posting from than it will for me to write this reply.) That way they can publish it. Or at the very least, report you to consumer protection agency as well as your employer since you have said you endorse all of these practices.

Nobody is fooled. We know you work for CNAC. AND FYI you're a freaking customer service person. You're probably more of a deadbeat than anyone commenting.

That is why you post here. To make yourself feel like a somebody. But you're not. You're just likely a fat loser with nothing better to do with your time than PRETEND to be on a high horse.

Then you take public transportation home to your "apartment" in your parents' basement.

Meanwhile, we are all working class people busting our butts and scraping change together, working overtime just to make enough to have to choose between buying that prescription we need or making the car payment in full. Bc we don't FN qualify for free handouts. Like we would if we were DEADBEATS aka ppl who don't contribute to society.

Deadbeats don't work. They don't try they dont have a social conscience. From where I'm standing, that describes all the CNAC account "managers" I've corresponded with. Just remember, karma is real.

And this life is not the end. If you think one's payment history means more than one's ability to have compassion and kindness towards another then you have got bigger issues than your cowardice causing you to post anonymously.

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