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I originally had got one car that i had for about a month and i woke up one day to go to work and realized when I cranked up the car it sounded loud. I get out the car and raised the hood and nothing was wrong there.

I then walked around the car to find out the muffler was laying on the ground with the wire that was attached to it. They fixed the vehicle but I refused to keep it.

I then got another vehicle from them and also had issues with that car.2 weeks after having the the car the check engine light came on while I driving down the highway. I called Jd Byrider and told them what happened and they attempted to fix it by changing the ignition switch. 1 week later my car wouldnt crank so I took it back to them and they took it to the chevy dealership.

Chevy said it had something to do with the aftermarket radio that eas already in the car before I had gotten it. After dealing with this issue off and on for 4 months including the rental cars and all, the chevy dealership had refused to try to fix my car anymore because they said the had spent more money in parts and labor than yhe car is worth. So I was basically stuck with a car that couldnt be fixed from chevy and also that jd byrider couldnt fix. I refused to make payments on a car that i couldnt drive when I wanted to or wasnt reliable so I told them to come pick it up.

They tried to get me to get me to get another one but I said no of course. By the time they came to get the car I had already had another one in two days and didnt have any problems with what i had got.

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