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My car is not paid in the time in the 3years like they said it's supposed to be paid off I am paying more in interest of what the value of what the blue book saying I owe on this car of what it's worth and I'd rather trade it in but they won't give me the right value and I have always paid on time never late but i just loss my mom last month and had to help with the burial and all i ask is to delay my payment and put it on the end of my loan or call me

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnac Financing Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The problem here is your very obvious educational level! It is quite apparent you didn't even make it thru the second or third grade where they teach punctuation, sentence structure and grammar. None of what you are trying to say makes the slightest bit of sense.

to Anonymous #1381945

Look here anonymous your a complete *** idiot and need to leave people alone! These people are trying to help others who have been treated horribly by this company and warn people of how they are!

to Tena Stenson #1393872

The VERY OBVIOUS cause of the problem as attempted to be explained by the person who cannot write like an adult is extra interest being assessed. Why is that?

It is because paying late causes late fees and earns more interest for the lender. That's obvious! That's normal. That's covered in the contract and MOST IMPORTANTLY, is ALWAYS PREVENTABLE by making your payments on time!

Making on time payments is NOT optional. If the serial deadbeats don't want to deal with the consequences, then the serial deadbeats should make their payments on time then there won't be any consequences to whine about!

You'll never, ever see people who pay their bills on time complaining, do you? Golly...I wonder why!

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