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mad because i was one day late paying my car payment and on the day my car payment is due they are blowing my phone up at 8:00 in the morning wanting to remind me that my car payment was due! when i pay and if i pay this car off i will never return to jd byrider or cnac for financing on my vehicle!

im paying almost 24,000 dollars on a car that is only worth 8,000 dollars at a buy here pay here lot right down the street!

these people are ridiculous with the interest rates making them high as they can possibly have them! forget you cnac

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $24000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Car.

I didn't like: Overall service they give non professional.

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Actually, they start calling before the payment is due. Has being rude and ill-mannered when speaking to customers ever gotten you paid faster or made you more money?

Perhaps if you had better customer service skills, or were a better company, you could make money without having to harass your customers. You also wouldn’t have to act like trash.


Still another winner! You can't even write using what kids in the second grade learn...proper sentences, punctuation and grammar...just run-on sentence after another.

Am I ever impressed!!! YOU knew the due date, because YOU stated this. YOU failed to make payment on time, which YOU also stated. As such, YOU caused the collection calls.

It's all a very simple concept...when YOU make YOUR payments on time, their bill collectors NEVER call but I guess that's just a bit above your comprehension skills given your great skills of "writing". If you want a lower APR, then you should have NOT been a deadbeat prior to this so you would qualify for a low APR bank loan!

to Anonymous #1410300

This isn't proper grammar either, troll.

Also, this is not true. I get calls from them all the time, even though my card is set up on Automatic payment.

I'm paid up until the end of February. And if for whatever reason my card doesn't go through, they start calling at 8 am, and call every 45 minutes. I'm paid. I don't owe anything for nearly two months.

They are just money hungry scam artists. I'm paying $20,000 for a car that was worth $6,000 when I got it. They rip people off on purpose.

They wouldn't tell me how much the car was going to cost until AFTER we started doing all the paper work. They take advantage of people in bad situations.

to MortalCassie #1410840

All the figures would have been listed in the contract. At that point, you had the opportunity to walk out rather than to sign the contract and agree to the terms.

Therefore, your claim of the car being worth whatever amount is a moot point! Nobody forced you into this deal. You have legs, you could have said "no"....unless....you didn't even bother to read the contract before you signed it! If you don't have enough money to cover the recurring payment, of course they are going to call!

That's obvious. You say these recurring payments do t go thru.

Why is that? I have never had any problems with a recurring payment being rejected because I always make sure there's enough money to cover the payment in the account.

to Anonymous #1499367

Always a dirtbag troll running off at the mouth before they know the whole situation.

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