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Their solution to you paying your car 3 days late, every two weeks? Pay two payments in advance so when the next payment is due, you'll be ahead.

Lol. I WILL NOT! You think if I had that much money, I'd be going thru you {{Redacted}} ? Absolutely NOT.

Why cant they just change the due date? *** simpletons.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnac Financing Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Fuk cnac JD byryder together


They did offer a point. You were rude and you lost their business.

You proved their point by your lack of customer service, businesses skills, and poorly written replies.

Personally, I think their time would be better spent going behind all your Craigslist ads and directing your potential customers to this page so they can see exactly what type of people they would be dealing with. ;)


Cnac are bullies , that's it . I am financed through them . Finally I put my foot down and told them they could come pick my car up , if paying ONE day late was such a big deal and I was able to change my payment date .

to Pissedcustomer #1418725

Ha, ha! You "put your foot down" alright!

Now you have a repo on your credit record in addition to all the other late payments! A real piece of work!


You have a signed contract which states the due date. If you don't like that due date, you shouldn't have agreed to it!

It YOUR account and its up to YOU to manage your finances, not them.

One of the favorite deadbeat games is "change the due date". Life doesn't work that way.

to Anonymous #1400395

How come the biggest "keyboard warriors" hide behind the Anonymous slogan? Cnac is a horrible company because they allow their costumer service members to talk to their customers in a non professional manner and there aren't any impunity.

Furthermore, just because you are getting food stamps along with your section 8 voucher does not give you the right to give insight to someone financial situation. Don't forget why you are probably paying your one bill on time.

to christopher.adams27_20 #1400699

I see, you don't have the capability to present an intelligent point-by-point rebuttal, do you? Am I ever impressed!

to Anonymous #1410306

this dude is a troll. He is clearly an employee of CNAC, or just unemployed all together, because he has so much time to sit here and attack anyone who talks bad about his precious company...

to christopher.adams27_20 #1412863

Because I'm thinking most anonymous post are CNAC employees trying to fend off the bad press... but no one is stupid enough to fall for it lol

to christopher.adams27_20 #1413637

I see with ALL your words you cannot offer an intelligent rebuttal, can you?

to christopher.adams27_20 #1418726

Why not offer an intelligent point-by-point rebuttal???

to Anonymous #1406127

You lying, cowardly sack of that.

to Bullnose Anonymous Fxxxxxr #1406364

Why not offer an intelligent point-by-point rebuttal??? Can't do that, right? Am I ever surprised!

to Anonymous #1410308

Why is your intelligent point-by-point rebuttal always this exact wording?

and you can't have a point by point rebuttal when YOU aren't making any points.

You say if you don't like the due date, don't agree. But do you really think these people know what kid of hard ships they're going to fall on four years ahead of time?

Clearly it is THEIR account and THEIR responsibility, but CNAC also chooses to cater to people who are going through financial hardships KNOWING these problems will come up.

That's what they hope for. They don't want people to be able to pay off their stuff early. They don't want to work with them in any way. They WANT to repossess these cars.

They want people to struggle to pay them off.

Because then these people have no car, still owe CNAC money, and CNAC can sell the exact same car again for another two or three times what it's worth. they just keep making thousands off dollars off a car that is not worth it.

Where's your point by point rebuttal to that?

to Anonymous #1421017

I take it you are cnac employees. Your attitude is the same as theirs. Unnecessary

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