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I went into CNAC about a year ago. I purchased what looked to be like a really good car, the dealership sold me the whole story on how great the car company in as a whole, LIER..... I have had problems with my car ever since I purchased this car from CNAC, I am trading it in after the new years and I would advise you guys to never even go to a unprofessional place that even remotely looks like CNAC. They have old cars and they are bad not dependable.

They will help you get into a lemon because your credit is bad so a little advice clean your credit up or ask a relative to finance for you until you get back on your feet financially because you will be stuck with a bad car paying for repairs and a car payment every month. They have a mechanic on their lot, but yet they do not really cover much under your warranty, please trust me when I say you will have to pay for your repairs, SUCH LIERS and MISLEADING, oh and your APR% will suck therefore more money will go to them over your loan contract, by time you pay the lemon off that car will be worth $200 dollars but they would have made so much money off you, now that's just evil. Please don't sign that death wish they approach you with ( they will lie to you before you sign). Go to a Honda or Toyota dealership a car lot that has a popular, credible name. I will never, I mean never put myself or my family through this again in life. This was a bad lesson well learned.

Also they are so, so, so, so rude. When you call customer service (CNAC) and ask questions about your payment, your money or anything about your personal account they will hang up in your face, or they are just plain rude, bad attitude and you can hear it in their voice. I can truly tell that they do not like their job that is so obvious to me. They speak in ghetto tones, never, never say thank you, have a nice day, they might sat ok! and then the phone just hangs up and when you want to speak to a manager they say they will have one call you back and that manager never calls you.

This is *** waiting to happen in your life if you sign those papers.. THEY EVEN TOOK MONEY OUT OF MY PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT HOPING I would never find out and after I called and yelled like 3 times they sent me a check and it took 2 weeks my account was over drafted the whole time because of them, was hit with all kinds of fee's and they did not give a rats ***... I was so mad, they are wrong all the way around and you can tell company's like this build no rapport with their customers, all they care about is your money. They really are a bad company to deal with oh and they harass you every week its so annoying, I have been dealing with them all year and I am done, stick a fork in me. Run DON'T DO IT.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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