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Update: I have found out that CNAC financing doesn\'t report the Credit Breau every month as stated in your agreement one of many papers you sign. I found that they haven\'t reported on my account in over a year!!!!

They have me owing them over ten thousand dollars. When the balance was less then Seven thousands dollars. Imagine what that could do for my credit sorce!!

They have made effort to get me in another car but have made great steps in trying to fault a Repo when they know where the car is because the insurance company knows!!!! Negotiation have went on without me even though I was the one paying the Bills!!!!

Original review posted by user Mar 26, 2012

I have been financing a 2005 ford focus from this company for a little over a year. There have been problems with the car but they fixed the situation.

It wasn't until the car was totalled that I find out the car wasn't worth after the pay out on the car. I paid a total of 16,000 for a 5,000 car!!! Now they have the prefect SCAM running over there. I haven't missed one note on the extra just because.

Instead of a person name Joe (west bank office), working with me to get the pay out in order and then put me another car. This person Joe talked to me like I was working for her. She was rude, unprofessional, nasty and ignorant. She had the nerve to tell me that her supervisor hired her to act a ***, while he on vacation, traveling the world and doing business meetings.

( Robert Boyce) I think you and our team need to more attention to the CUSTOMER! Y'all work for Us not the other way around!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $16.

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@ Lotoya, *** please you probably work for CNAC. That's why you wrote that *** in my post, but you need to keep it moving cause believe me you one a million that CNAC didn't *** over and that's maybe cause you were kissing their *** and you truly work for them!! Dum ***!!


Clearly J.D. Byrider is a company that helps people who have trouble buying cars elsewhere. Clearly if you were credit worthy you would be able to go a conventional lot and get a car at better pricing..

Keep in mind CNAC and J.D. are in business to MAKE MONEY....they don't pull your teeth to make you purchase.

They have a 24 month/24 mile warrant which isn't typical for USED CARS..............

in conclusion, i have purchased vehicles at 2 different J.D. Byriders and my experience with both companies were exceptional. yes, both vehicles gave me trouble after only having them for a few months, but when i took my car in...they made cost.

as a consumer, we must understand what we are getting ourselves in before we sign a contract.

good day.


I went to the local JD Byrider dealer yesterday and started asking for a price. All I was told is the vehicle's are new to their lot and they did not have information on the cars.

I let them run my information and kept asking about potential payment. They did not answer, then came back and said they always look for around a $380 payment each month for 2.9 years. The is over 12,000 for a car that is only worth about 6,000 in Kelley Blue Book. I checked on numerous cars on their lot and did not find one that was worth over 7,500.

I would be better off buying a new car for the price they want paid. Total scam and rip-off.

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