I got a vehicle financed through JD Byryder a little over 3 years ago. I too was told that I could trade in the vehicle for a new one if my payments were on time for a year.

All the payments that were made over 1 1/2 years did not bring down the balance. In fact, I owed more than the purchase price. Thank god or the Attorney Generals office. Apparently I wasn't the only one.

An investigation was by the State of Iowa for Nebraska and Iowa consumers and the company was closed down. By this time I had secures an auto loan with my credit union. I was told to return the car and put the keys in the drop box--and I did. I called the customer service dept and they tried toget me to keep the vehicle.

I notice on my credit report it says account closed and paymen in full settled for less.

If you are thinking about financing with CNAC-DON'T....save yourself some money, time and frustration.

Review about: Cnac Financing Loan.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Thanks to all of you with the guts to speak up to help others. I Appreciate your honesty and forthcoming oppion.

David and Glenda Tyree


Hey, I was considering to use JD Byryder as I hear their commercials all the time. Of course I like to do my homework and see that this company is are slave driving rip-off artists.

From what I see they are the kind of scumbags and bottom scrapers that I want to stay clear of.

I'm gonna pucker down and drive my peice of junk until I can pay cash for a decent car. At least my junk box is paid off.


Bottom line is that if you are poor and have bad credit companies like these prey upon you because they know the odds are stacked against for getting any financing. Financing is purely evil especially with parasitic companies like these.

Best thing to do is to save up money for a good cheap car you can pay cash with. No financing because the interest is always going to be high.


Hey, FMJ? Did it ever occur to you that it's not always the "white trash's" fault?

Yeah, I'm white. I also married young straight out of foster care to a Pakistani man who took my social and used it to get loads of credit that he later filed bankruptcy on. Because I was not educated in this area, guess who had to pay and who ended up with the bad credit after filing for divorce??? Yes, ME!

I'm 27 now. I know better now. Doesn't make me white trash. It means I learned from that one experience.

What about your fellow ghetto trash that keeps getting kicked out of my main store? Blacks can't do ***.

Can't achieve *** anymore. Can only panhandle in front of pharmacies.


For FMJ,

Sometimes bad things happen to go people. I have had quite a few things happen to me that were totally beyond my control.

It has had nothing to do with the fact that I work hard and always try to make my payments on everything on time. You must be extremely young and untried by life.

Life happens and bad things happen sometimes that you don't even see coming. Actually I think we should all contact the Attorney General of each of our states.


An emergency! You must of had a lot of those in your life to have such a bad credit standing.

Its always excuses, excuses with white trash people who default on everything. If you dont like jd byrider work harder or maybe where condoms and not have forty kids. You are whats wrong with America. Why isnt anything your peoples fault.You have no other options than JD Byrider if you want a car, except be lazzier then you allready are and just not work.

Also how do you expect a company that sells to people like you not to be a little worrisome your not going to pay when you have screwed over everyone and there grandmother. Last thought for your small minds...your *** that they dont let you get a new car after you almost paid off the lost one. Are you serious? You really think if you cant pay off a whopping $12,000 car you should be able to get another one.

You want all these things in life yet never finish paying any of them off.

Your car works still, so how about paying some...i dunno maybe some debt or a college fund so your kids dont grow up as big an *** as you are. my suggestion move to eastern europe and ride the trains!!!!


JD Byryder is the worst car dealership com that I have ever dealt Business with. The reason why I say that is when an emergency occur such as family, etc.

They want to see proof that it is an emergency related issue. They will not believe you AT ALL unless you show them proof. I don't recommend anyone NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH J DBYRYDER.

They will rip you off and tell you that you will have NO GRACE PERIOD that you willhave to make your payments on time regardless what situation you have. If you miss A payment, they will repo it.


:( thank you for telling me about this bad business


yes they will call and harass you when your payment isnt even do i dont like them and the only reason i went to them is because i needed a car bad and didnt have alot of money doen. they charged me 4500 more then my car was worth plus all this high financing.

by the time im done paying for the car i would have been paying for an 08 vehicle fully loaded. i dont recomend them to anyone.


I to was told I could trade in my vehicle after payments had been made on time for about a year, and then I was told if you get the balance down to 4,000.00. Then I got balance down to 3500.00 and was told, no it has to be down to 2,000.00 now.

So I finally said forget you guys because my credit was not that bad to begin with and I traded that crappy vehicle in with a real dealer with a real bank.

I never missed a payment and never was late. I had a few situations where they had called me telling me they needed my payment and I was like, uh, hello, my payment is not even due for live a week? They would look at the account and be like, oh, Sorry, we must have looked at the wrong phone number or we did not mean to call you and apologize, which one time I got a letter that was kind of threatening , the day after I had paid my payment, which I am always early paying knowing, that they will repo your *** if your late, I called and asked for supervisor because I thought that was BS since I have had perfect pay history and always early with payments, the supervisor said he would talk to the girl who sent it, was probably oversight on her part, I was like, but if I would not pay a payment on oversight you would come take my car right?

So you harrass people, even people who do pay on time, and it is ok? Make promises that are lies saying you can do trade ins when you cant, and then expect everyone to be ok when you screw up?

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