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I purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in July of 2007 and was told at that time that if I made all of my payments on time that Russ Darrow their co-company would gaurantee me financing into a brand new vehicle.I had all my payments directly withdrawn never was late or missed a payment in over a year.

I went back after my year was up and they told me that I could not trade in my vehicle until I paid off almost the full balance. I paid $11,000 for vehicle that isn't worth half of that.

I wish there was some way I could get out from under the horrible debt.

Monetary Loss: $11.


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Summersville, West Virginia, United States #1246591

I know this is a complaint site..lol..But for myself I have had nothing but good out of my car and dealing with them..Its all about our credit is why we go to them anyway..If it wasnt fro Jd Byrider I would be driving my grandbaby in a car where the front end was messing up badly..Ive had one problem with my car and my warranty covered it..Beckley wv is where I got my car and I will more than likely be going back if thats what I have to do..Thanks Jd Byrider

Davenport, Iowa, United States #863456

They didn't inform me of the price of a 2003 chrysler pt cruiser until we were signing papers being priced at $10,500 with interest bringing it to $15,000.The cars value in excellent condition would be $3,800, and this car has some rust, cosmetic paint damage and was missing minor components.

I returned it in less than a week after doing my own research, thankfully after heated discuss with the "owner" of the site he released me from the contract.Apparently the additional $8,000 was for their warranty which covered a reasonable amount but price was to pay it should cover anything and everything for free.


My wife and I had no choice but to go here.Where else can one have *** credit and drive off in a car for a couple hundo!

Yes, they prey on less fortunate people,yes the cars and business itself are shifty. I honestly believe my car was a flood case . The contract was long and videotaped while we read and signed.

Yes they suck but they helped when NO OTHER would.Be cautious but if you are in a bind they can help.


It is a well known fact that "buy here, pay here" lots sell vehicles for double true value.This is common sense.

If you worry about blue book value after purchase it's too late!! These are things you look into BEFORE purchasing. A sales person is there to do just that....sell an item. If you believe everything they tell you then they did their job.

It's your duty as a consumer to research: this means actually reading into what your getting yourself into.You can be mad at the sales lot or the finance company all you want, but at the end of the day it was you who decided you wanted what they were selling.

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #715847

I would like to state that I have a car with them - they financed me when no one else would -- but I was told multiple times and signed 2 papers stating CNAC does NOT allow late payments they warn you during the signing that it is best to pay at least one extra payment just in case you run into issues with cash - so stop complaining and look through your papers you signed it o_O and nope I dont work for them or know anyone who does just common sense

Quincy, Florida, United States #712833

I've dealt with buy here pay here companies that are nicer than jdbyrider.I purchased an 04 Dodge Stratus and I've been paying on it for 2 years.

Never missed a payment, until some company garnished my check. I notified jdbyrider and asked for a two week extension. They told me to send in proof that my check was garnished and proof that I was fighting it in court. I did all of that and they told me to either make the $173 payment or turn the vehicle in by COB that day.

I will never buy a piece of bubble gum if it's called cnac or jdbyrider.

They know that they have you because of your credit situation.I will never buy anything else from them.

Dellslow, West Virginia, United States #692972

I.Got a car from jd byrider was told at the time I got it by the sales man he job it to rebuild credit not sell cars and if I ever needed to bring it back it would not affect me or my credit in a bad way.

Two years later I never late of missed a payment I lost my Job an could my afford to keep it. Well the sakes man was full of *** . I swallowed my pride and went to return it car and was told i am a lier that would have never been said and was told it would count as a repo and would still have to pay the balance on the car.

Well I still have it every time something goes wrong with it I have to fight to get it worked on I am paying 19,000 $ for a car only booked for 6,500 .Should be against the law :cry :( :(

Augusta, Georgia, United States #594280

Bought a car last year from JD Byrider and was ALSO told that if I made the payments on time for 1 year that I could trade it in for something newer.WELL when I asked, I was told that you had to owe less than $1500.00 on the car before they would do a trade.

I realize they work with those of us who are rebuilding our credit, but paying twice the blue book price for a used car and then being lied to about the trade ins etc...so we are all stuck with vehicles that we are upsoide down in on trade ins with another dealership...


I bought my car back in 2008 when I left the Lot my air conditioner stopped working.A week after they fixed it my stater and transmission went out.

I paid over 12,000 for 2003 Ford, Taurus. Not only that I had to come out of pocket for any work. Cause they had. Closed the dealers down in.Arizona.

these people at the bank kept reporting mme to the credit bureau and I was never late. These people needs to be investigated. Don't never ever buy a car from them.

You will be better off and Drive Time.Which is Also bad.


My husband purchased a car from JDByrider. It had 74,000 miles on it! As soon as he drove it home 2 miles (like less than 10 minutes after signing papers) the rear wiper would not shut off. JDByrider said not responsible! The air quit, wheel bearings need replaced, dash board has huge crack, no paint on hood, and we had to replace the timing belt!

On the loans, the purchaser MUST PAY EVERY SINGLE PENNY of INTEREST BEFORE PAYING A SINGLE PENNY ON PRINCIPAL! I even wonder if that is even entirely legal?

My husband's PT Crusier is only worth 2500 and he had to purchase the car for 11,900. Is that even legal? Did you also know if the purchaser is even one day late on licensing the vehicle JDByrider will pick up the vehicle even if all payments are perfect.

JDByrider also keeps a key to your vehicle for WHEN they repo it.

As far as truth in advertising cars are NOT reconditioned. With all the problems my husband's car had all JDByrider did was repalce with a battery that was too small for the car before he purchased the vehicle. Warranty does not cover electrical system. Warranty also does not cover the heater! When I asked about this salesperson said a heater was a LUXURY. Is not freezing to death a luxury? Or is being able to see out the windshield and use a defroster a luxury?

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