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I recently fell behind on my payments. For those of you that have criticize others on here, let me make one point, and that is that I did always make my payments, and fell behind due to a medical condition that kept me from work and drained my savings.

I called CNAC, and advised of the situation. I tried to work with them, offering partial payments, but was declined. CNAC stated that the only option is to make the total payment. CNAC then began harassing me, acting as if I was dodging them which was NEVER the case.

The contacted friends and family members, my place of work, and even called my neighbors. The would call their homes, cells, and places of work. I even was advised that CNAC had stopped at my neighbors to get personal information about me. I asked several time to stop the harassment, but they advised that they have every right to call, and stop at the residency,of anyone they want to contact me.

Again, I NEVER dodged their calls, and always returned calls that I missed. I finally was able to pay the past due balance that was owed after returning back to work, and getting my Federal tax return. The local office closed recently, and the nearest office is now 45 miles away. They demanded that I drive the 90 miles, round tip, to drop off the payment.

They offered to take the payment by phone, but will charge a $5.00 fee, plus I know that they keep my cc# info and do not want to take a chance with these people. They also offer a auto pay, but again, I do not trust these people. I sent the payment to them via certified mail. Enclosed in the envelope where two money orders, a letter giving official notification to discontinue calling my friends, family, and neighbors about my account or to get info about me, also a SASE so they could send a receipt for the payment back to me.

The letter was received by CNAC the very next day, and two days later I received my SASE, but enclosed was a receipt for less then what I had paid. I also received a letter advising me that my car insurance had been canceled and needed reinstated. This did occur and was due to my financial problems. It had been reinstated, but CNAC had not received notification.

Immediately called CNAC and was advised that they did receive the full past due payment, but that they said it was my fault that I didn't get a receipt showing full amt. REAS: I sent 2 money orders and only one SASE!!! That makes no *** sense. The advised that they will send the other receipt.

i also advised them that the insurance was reinstated, and that I will fax the info to them, but due to my work schedule, would not be able to do so for 2 days. I later receive a voicemail message from CNAC and I was advised that they would send the receipt but not until I send the insurance info! I immediately called the BBB regarding this issue. Was advised that they are required to give me a receipt for payment and that I had gone above and beyond by sending a SASE.

I called CNAC and advised that I had called BBB and filed an official complaint, That I will not tolerate being bullied by them, and that until they send the receipt for my last payment, no future payments would be sent. I placed the payments in an account, and planned on sending a copy of the receipt to them. Before I was able to do so I received a call back advising that the receipt has been sent to me, and apologized for their actions. I also learned that the FAX number they had given me was no longer in service (I'm wondering if they didn't pay their bill).

Since then, the insurance info was sent, I'm up to date on payments, and I haven't received any further calls (and neither have my friends, family, and neighbors) I recommend NEVER getting a car from JD Byrider, Never get financing from CNAC! I know I wont!

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They are just doing their jobs if you were to go to a regular dealer and did not make a payment they would do the same thing or just come get the car


Amen to that!!


Didnt make July 2018 payment, money emergency. they repoed it.

Only had around 3500 till it was paid off. My credit went to a high fair to a poor poor state.

Never again will I deal with them. Oh & if you are a day late or had a money emergency, the non-stop phone calls, house visits & stalking start.


I'm behind on my account as well and insist on calling me while at work. they even called to see if I was still employed there and hung up on my boss.

last time I talked to them they told me i waited to the next payment due date i would be 2 months behind.

I have made partial payments to show good faith that I'm trying but not sure what kind of math they use to determine how far you are behind. if I didn't need the car I'd take it back and take the hit on my credit .

to Anonymous #1524623

So what happens if you take the car back? If it's just a hit on the credit score I'll take that.

to Micheal #1528747

They send a judgement out to garnish your wages. I know cause their trying to do that to me now.


Rude and obnoxious even when you're trying to make arrangements when you have had a medical emergency and I've had to go into surgery they will not work with you at all I would not recommend family, friends or my worst enemy to deal with CNAC


I guess my daughter and I have been lucky? I know we are paying way more then what our cars are worth but that's price of bad credit or only a little to put down.

My daughter has been late and nothing bad happened and one time when there was an emergency they let her differ a payment,never called any of her references or job. Mine is automatic payment so haven't been late

to Heather1 #1520469

Wow they told me they don’t differ payments, this is my second car with them. All payments have been made on time on both vehicles.


CNAC are crooks the cars they sale you cost you three times what they are worth I spent Enough money at the end to have payed for something new or newer and got only one key only the car had high mileage when I purchased it and they gave me a choice between three old *** cars wouldn't like I had real choice of what I wanted....never again will I buy from them...ever


I contacted them when i first changed jobs told them about it and asked what to do they said get letter from employer on letter head email it to them and copy of first pay check and she could fix it so i wouldn't have late payment since i have never been late today my payment was due and they tried running it twice and of course declined since my next payday isn't until the 25th of this month.. They don't ever know what their talking about every since i got my car a year ago i have had to send proof of insurance cause they say i don't have any..

Bunch of *** if i would have known it would be like this never would have even went there .. There is others that would have sold a car to me


I am having sane problems. They call my work.

It's not cool.

I've paid more than triple what my car is worth and have paid my own money into fixing my car since the day I got it. No resolution.


I had an experience with them it was quite unforgettable. I’ve made every single payment on time.

When I originally got my car I was told my last payment would be Feb of 2019. To my surprise it is now April of 2019 and it just never ends.

And here’s the kicker about a year ago one of their reps used my cc information not once but twice and bought himself lunch online. Oh

to Anonymous #1483379

How can it be April of 2019 its only May of 18'???


youre buying from a buy here pay here. you have *** or no credit.

of course youre paying a lot for a vehicle.

you signed a piece of paper stating that you cannot be even one day late. if you don't like how they work, I suggest building your credit or paying cash for your car.

to Anonymous #1521741

I agree. Chances are your credit is already bad if you're buying from them in the first place.

That's the price you pay for bad credit.

I have not had any problems with them at all. One time I was 3 days late on my payment due to a medical emergency, but they were very helpful and worked with me.


Aweful company haven’t had car for 30 days I would love to return this car back to their lot HELP

to Em #1422311

Return it, it’s not too late trust me!!! It’s not going to be reported either and will not be a repo on your credi I worked for them!!!

to OE2018 #1439419

My car was totaled in an accident, they want me to get another car from them but I don’t want to, since you worked for them what would you suggest?

to OE2018 #1576108

Please call me I will gladly pay you for some inside info on them I was never a day late on my 400 a month payments and when my last payment was supposed to be Sept 2018 they said I still owe $4,000!!!! impossible I did everything I was supposed to do everything it was autopay so never late how can they tack on more money please call me I'm so serious 240 285 8274 I will keep anything you say I'll keep your name out

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