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I have a vehicle finance with CNAC, I have been intimidated by the recent collection activity, whereas the Collection Manager Shondell Gaudette has use text messaging from her personal cell phone, even sent me text message regarding my account status using a online texting service to send me correspondence, did I mention I've never avoided or ingnored the calls. I even made an arrangement to pay and Shondell still contacted my references saying the cashier who is a representative of CNAC was not allowed to take my promise to pay.

Futhermore, account is current and she refuse to allow me to advance my car payment because she wanted the force place insurance paid, as of Oct, 3rd the account was current on October 21, 18 days after the payment was posted it was backed off and reapplied so she could achieve a personal or management bonus. In the past I've made extra payment and without my consent to disperse those fund the fund were use other account, whereas pursuant with FDCPA Prohibits Practice: If a consumer has more than one debt being collected by the same collector payments must be applied according to the consumers instruction, this was contradicted by Ms Gaudette letter whereas she states, it was the decision of her office to reverse the payment.

I've also received email correspondence whereas Ms Gaudette has made person statement not relating to this matter where she refer to me as a "vile" person with the same tone. I had access to pay my note online, whereas Ms Gaudette has prevented me from making payment online there I'm left to accrue a additional fee with the purchase of Money Order which would also cause a delay with securing payment and causing me a hardship to advance out of the loan, and preserving my credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnac Financing Loan.

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i financed a car aswell and were paying 230 a month but with the unatherized transactions im now payin 460 every 2 weeks double payments they said i would recieve a check for the difference its now 2 months later and no response i call then they said anyday now well 3 weeks have now passed and still nothing called the cops made a report still waiting on that so the next paymebt will be deducted frim the balance and most likey a repo will accure so see wat happens but if im payin 860 a month i can affird a better car

San Antonio, Texas, United States #904262

Never been late , But they harassed you thru mail, text message , email and FACEBOOK messaging.

There far more worst than Drivetime

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