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I was also a victim of these predators I was so happy that I was approve that I really didn't pay any attention to what was going on . I got,home and look over everything that my husband and I had sign what a ripoff these people along with cnac financing is I only made 3payments I wasn't late the car broke down 3times and we call them and they pick the car up and told us there was nothing wrong with it well,,2 more times it broke down it put me down on the highway it had the wrong size tires any alot more things I gave the car back I don't recommend this car dealer to anyone they got the slick talking and liesyes my credit was bad and I still need a car but they didn't do anything to help the financing department is rude and disrespectful no I don't have a car but that's alright get this message off my credit report if you can lie and try to hustle people remove your mistakes so keep on doing wrong it will come back to the dealership and the financing department. God do not like ugly

Review about: Cnac Financing Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Given you come here to "write" this report as nothing more than run-on sentences with no structure, no punctuation or grammar, there's a good bet you wouldn't have understood anything! Illiterate deadbeats. What a combination!

to Anonymous #1320970

Ur the deadbeat lol for real a 19 year old kid was scammed out lots of money on a car his first car ever a 4000 dollar car for 14,000 he paid that doesn't run but he is a deadbeat how would u feel if u was a kid and got financed on a $4000 dollar car paid 3 x it's worth and called every two weeks on the day ur car note is owed and being a young kid working 3 jobs but I'm a deadbeat please anonymous go find some one else to troll lol

to Csservices #1327380

Another sorry illiterate who can write!

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