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Im filing a formal complaint. I have had my car for 2 months.

I am paying almost 500 a month. I have paid faithfully each month. Friday the car i am paying alot for decided to breakdown. I spent most of my check fixing.

I was contacted on several occasions by this man threatening me because i didnt get there ontime to make my payment. I asked nicely if they would tale double out on November 10.

He told me i had to drop off my car. So i paid around 2000 in 2 months and now they want the car back that i just fixed Never again.

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Your contract does not give you a pass because of repairs. You can make up whatever excuse you want to justify your deadbeat ways.

Since you're with them in the first place, you ended up with them because you have a history of NOT paying your bills on time. Why not pay your bills on time instead of continuing to live as a despicable, sorry habitual deadbeat???


Look up your state car repossession laws. In Colorado they have to give you a right to cure letter which gives you 21 days to bring your payment current before they can think of repossessing your car.

Do not give the car back. If you want to screw them back, file for bankruptcy and keep the car then you only have to pay what it is valued at spread over 3 years.


Hi people


Cnac is a rip-off, I had my car for 9 months payments on time every 2 weeks and my balance never went down. It was the same balance of 13,682.90 from when I first got the car. I recommend no one to purchase a car from Cnac because they are a rip-off and nasty rude customer service employees.

to Tasha #1388653

That's because in ALL car loans, most of the payment goes to interest at first and then more and more goes to principle. It's called amortization. Paying late causes more interest to be generated for them and no, you didn't "catch them" doing anything illegal.

to Anonymous #1404223



Verbal abuse should and will not be tolerated by consumers. We have rights.

When you do make your payments, that is not making your payments.

I'm on a mission moving forward to make sure people are not ripped off my CNAC and jd Ryder. I am not the type to tolerate being treated with disrespect.

to Anonymous #1385884

So tell us, what is the ripoff? Why is it the ONLY people who complain are those who don't pay their bills on time.


And your point is??? Oh yes, I get it.

You want the car without making payments. Well guess what? It doesn't happen that way. YOU signed a contract in which YOU agreed to make each and every payment on time, every time.

There is NO contract provision which allows you (or anyone else) to skip payments. Since you're with a subprime dealership/lender, its a good bet you've failed to make other payments on time as well.

Oh, before I forget...since neither you or the other sorry deadbeats who hang out here just can't stand the truth, let me save you the effort. I don't work for them, so don't bother wasting the effort to say I do!


Lender is expecting regular, on time payments which the borrower doesn't want to do.

to Anonymous #1403277

You annoying wtf you worrying about other people complaints u pay your bills on time kudos to you but you don't know what people have going on and things do happen. Mind your business that's how people get hurt you on everyone post being negative obviously you work for the *** company!

to Charlene #1403560

Why not offer a point-by-point rebuttal? You don't have that capability, do you?

If you don't like it when somebody points out the very obvious horse manure from these serial deadbeats, then don't post on a public site. It's always the same old story from these losers. They bring consequences upon themselves by NOT paying on time, then come here to stomp their feet like little babies! With these sorry deadbeats, it's one excuse after another.

It's constant blaming someone else for what they did. That's the sorry mindset of these habitual deadbeats!

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