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CNAC Financing
Main address: 2000 Cleveland Rd 44870 Sandusky OH
1-800-976-CALL, ,
  • 113+6 mobile complaints
  • $300K claimed losses
  • $2.5K average
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  • Jul 03
  • Auto Financing
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • 2003 Ford Taurus
  • 19

Never buy from them purchased a2003 ford taurus from them 2 years ago car is a *** lemon under carrige rusted to *** car has a rebuilt title refused to tell in the car fax report didnt match car.Car continues to break down constantly very rude and disrespectfull to customers over payments. Had enough nerve to tell me that the car is my problem now . So i delibertly tore the transsmission out... Read more

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  • Jul 02
  • Auto Financing
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Incompetent Pricing
  • 1
  • 53

These people are insane! First of all, to get financing they video tape you as if you are in interrogation, asking you questions such as where would you move if you had to move somewhere other than where you live now and if you smoke cigarettes! Then, if you are going to be late with a payment or need to make some sort of arrangement, they act as if you are a red-headed stepchild and treat you... Read more

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Received a text from them about a debtor I don't happen to know but clearly they are fishing to harrass someone by trying to expose their debt problems to people in their life. That's unethical, and I think it's illegal.

  • Jun 26
  • Auto Financing
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Rude Employees
  • 34

I would hate to be a customer here. Every time I have ever even called, they have been so rude and hateful! I wouldn't dream of doing business with such rude people. They speak to you as if you are *** and they have absolutely no shame in it. I have asked to talk to the manager and she is just as rude. BEWARE! STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE! I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH...STAY AWARE. If all of their staff... Read more

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  • Jun 20
  • Auto Financing
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • 80

I have hade my car for over a year always paid on time never late. something came up as things do in life financially I called CNAC to explain the situation and the guy that was handling my case was rude and mean and told me (no) just like that and that if I didn't pay before closing time they would activate the GPS device installed in the vehicle to locate there asset and retrieve it (Repo).... Read more

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Do not buy from them!!! They take advantage of their customers. Very rude and disrespectful! !! Not to mention you over pay way more than your vehicle is worth! !!

  • Jun 12
  • Auto Financing
  • Unfair Financing
  • 1
  • 62

When I bought from these scammers a year ago I was told that if you payoff early you save interest. well I just called for a payoff and the amount I was given equaled exactly the amount of the remaining payments a car that only has a value of 1500.00 I still owe 9000.00 I am purchasing a new 2014 vehicle and plan to give them their piece of *** car back DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE if they sell... Read more

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  • Jun 11
  • Auto Financing
  • Park Forest, Illinois
  • Cnac Finance
  • 78

I have been paying off a vehicle and now on the second year of the loan. I have not had any problems at all dealing with this company. The reps are always great to work with on the phone if I am going to be a day late, which I have only had to do twice due to being paid on Sundays and couldn't get the payment in till the next morning. I always pay a little extra so that gives me some cushion if... Read more

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  • Jun 05
  • Auto Financing
  • Grawn, Michigan
  • Car Warranty
  • 54

Well after taken several hrs to find this place to call to see if I can get an extension on making my payment due to an injury.I called them and they told me they have no Grace period that I needed to borrow the money from someone to pay them.I've had nothing but one problem out of another with service issues and dealing with this company.I would strongly suggest buying from else where .They... Read more

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I purchases a 2006 Sebring eight months ago. It broke down 300 miles away and was under warranty and they would not allow work to be done at another shop. I paid to get it fixed and now don't have money for the note. I looked at and was shocked. I would like to work something out but don't know where to start.

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