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  • Customers like
    • Kelly is a wonderful person to work with 1
    • When they approved me for the car 1
    • While i had the loan everything was great 1
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    • Rude and ignorant 13
    • Deceptive practices 10
    • Customer service 8

This is the worse fiance company ever, appreicated that I have my car but this company is terrible. They change your representative every 6 months, the customer service is rude and smack on the phone, they hang up on you. They call you 100 times a week like you wont get back to them, they will repo your car WITHOUT a letter nor email and also they wont even tell you where your car is. And best believe they will do it on holidays so you will have... Read more

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Do not purchase a car from these guys in Albuquerque. They are ripping off people. Add comment

They suck period the individuals from the Carlos are great but this financing company is rude as *** and also has kept card info and charged a card I didn't authorize for automatic bill pay. I hate this company can't stress it enough they are just that terrible!!!!!!! #FuckCNAC Add comment

This is the worse finance co I have ever felt with. Rude down right hateful and not understanding. I would never recommend them to anyone as fact looking else where and asking if they have Cnac horrible people Add comment

I just had baby and my fiancee is the one who pays the bills as of now he had to be in the hospital and we only have enough for half the payment and the lady on the phone told me to go find someone to help me. Im an adult I'm asking you to let me pay half of it and then pay the rest the following week why can you not accept that why are you not willing to work with me when i have never been late . Not everyone has help or mommy and daddy's to... Read more

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I bought a car in 2015. 2004 Saturn. From JD Byrider/CNAC. Big mistake. I have made on time payments since Mar.2016. I lost my job. Now i have not enough money. But it broke down on me 8 times. And i still owe $8,000. Read more

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Worst people to ever do business with I regret ever going here won't worm with just plain rude. Add comment

I have purchased a vehicle from cnac. The first problem i had with them is when i went to change my payment from every two weeks to monthly. I Joannie in finance stated what you can't afford it in a nasty tone. I asked to speak to someone in charge and was given the run around. I got that straighted out then i needed a couple extra days to make a payment my car was disabled i was only three days late. Mind you i have had this car over two... Read more

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Rip off scumbags that sold me a piece of junk car that broke down every month and the lights and wiring were both fried and it needed constant maintenance and repairs. After 28 consecutive payments without a missed payment I tried to get out of that piece of trash and into another car and they basically laughed me out of the dealership. I told them the exact location of their lemon and they claimed that it wasn't there. They continue to harass... Read more

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They sold me a open recall car that has no fix.. The headlights will go out at times making driving unsafe.. they won't take car back and replace with different one. Even the company that has the recall out says they should not have sold it before it was fix !!! anyone know a good lawyer? Will not get a car from them again. I'm stop payment on car today ! what it says on there paper work is that they will most likely sue me. I hope they do so... Read more

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